Margarita Machine 12/L 3.2 Gallon Double Bowl


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Introducing Our Double Margarita / Frozen Drink Machine: The Ultimate Beverage Solution

Equipped with two generous 3-gallon hoppers, this powerhouse enables you to simultaneously serve two different drinks. Be it catering to alcoholic and non-alcoholic preferences or doubling up on a crowd-favorite, you have the flexibility to meet your guests' diverse beverage needs. For larger gatherings, combine both hoppers to yield an impressive 4-6 gallons of the same delectable beverage.

Efficiency is paramount, which is why our machines feature rotatable hoppers to minimize downtime. Each 3-gallon hopper can dispense approximately 30-45 eight-ounce drinks, depending on the mix. Rest assured that your frozen drinks will be ready to serve within a mere 60-120 minutes. However, it's important to note that if the ambient temperature exceeds 75°, we recommend using the machine indoors for optimal performance.

If you're considering adding alcohol to your frozen concoctions, we advise incorporating it after the mixture has frozen. This method ensures a flawless blend, elevating the experience for your adult guests and their taste buds. Should you need to replenish the machine, rest easy knowing that the Frozen Drink Machine will be ready to serve again in just 30 minutes, ensuring a continuous flow of delightful beverages.

Don't miss out on the refreshing delights that our Frozen Drink Machine brings to the table. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, this machine guarantees convenience, versatility, and above all, superb-tasting frozen drinks that everyone can savor and enjoy. Explore the possibilities today!


  • Margarita Mix 1/2 Gal

  • TKO

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